30 Days of Giving – Week 2

30 Days of Giving – Week 2

So this month I am giving away at least one book a day or contributing to a cause that gives books to those in need.  I have been documenting my efforts daily on Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog.  Check back daily to see where my books have found a home and make sure to follow me on other social media for a chance to get in on the action.  I have been giving away books to readers as well!

My goal is simply to get kids and folks in general excited about books and reading!  See how my first week went here: Week 1

Day 8:

Today I asked readers to tell me who they thought might enjoy this great book about a boy who enters a competitive eating contest.  I will be selecting a name at random and getting this book out to one lucky winner.  So excited to send this to an unsuspecting kid.







Day 9

Today I purchased books from the Zulily/Penguin Random House promotion they are doing to support First Book.  For every book you purchase they give one to First Book, an organization that gives new books to children in need.  They have great titles and prices and you get to give back. That is a real win/win.

I plan to do something special with the books I purchased above so stay tuned for when they come in!

You can access the promotion by clicking on this link: Zulily


Day 10: 












Today I dropped off these books at the home of my new neighbors.  They just moved in down the street and they have two girls.  I don’t know if they are the perfect fit or not, but I hope these books make them feel welcome in the neighborhood.

The graphic novel Babysitters Club series was always my daughter’s favorite and Littler Women is a wonderful modern retelling of the original story!


Day 11:












Since today is Veteran’s Day, I have sent a box of books to Fort Riley through Operation Paperback.  It is a wonderful organization where you can donate new and gently used books to our troops overseas as well as to military families.  It is but a small thanks to families who sacrifice for us every day.

They accept both adult and children’s books so please consider this wonderful organization when you have great reads you would like to pass along to others.


Day 12: 












Today I gave this beautiful picture book to my pediatrician for her office.  As you can see, her book selections are pretty sad sack.  A great book can distract a kid or even a parent when a doctor’s visit might cause angst.  I hope this one is a great diversion.


Day 13: 













Today I gave these fun books to the gentleman who takes care of our yard.  These are the books my boys would pour through for hours on end.  Did I mention he has four boys of his own?  Hope his kiddos enjoy these as much as my sons did!


Day 14:


I brought this to a friend’s house who invited me to lunch.  Made me think that perhaps I should bring books more often as thank you gifts.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive a story that you loved?  Perhaps it is time to retire the plant for a while.