Introduce Simple Money Concepts to Young Kids

Today I have a set of books that introduce simple money concepts to young kids.  It is never too early to arm children with financial tools.  These books are adorable and present the ideas of saving, earning and spending in simple and relevant ways.  They also introduce early math concepts so just think how brilliant your child can become! Don’t…

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Fun Book for Winter Break

Do your kids need a fun book for winter break?  This delightful story about a ski trip during middle school hits all the right notes for an escape from the everyday.  It brought back memories from my ski trip. If you scroll to the bottom of the post you can see a picture of me on my middle school Tahoe…

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How to be a Muslim American Girl

This book explores how to be a Muslim American girl.  Our identity is composed of so many things, and when your religion is a source of conflict where you live, it’s hard to make sense of who you are.  Allie is exploring all that while trying to be a teenager who struggles with her parents, manages a series of friendships…

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How Does a Kid Stand Out?

Today I have a book that begs the question, “how does a kid stand out?”  If you are looking for a last-minute gift for someone grades 3-5, this one is good, so throw it in your cart! Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email so that you don’t miss a single story that…

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Love Is Never Easy

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Today I have a book that proves that love is never easy when you are a teenager.  Tack on the cultural issues of a Korean family and you have the makings of a dating scheme that has Frank Li wondering just who he is and what he wants.  I loved this story that wrestles with parental expectations and managing the…

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New Christmas Books – Buy or Borrow?

New Christmas Books – buy or borrow?  Today I am looking at two books that were pitched to me at BookExpo this year and one that was re-released.  Should you invest in these soon to be holiday classics or are they better checked out at the library because they may not have the staying power of say Jan Brett’s Christmas…

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Before They Were Authors

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Today I have a book that looks at kids before they were authors.  It is told in graphic novel format.  All of the individuals profiled became famous writers and none took the same path.  It is a lovely to way to show kids how author’s lives influence their writing and that maybe they too could become famous authors in the…

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Books for the Budding Feminist

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Today I have books for the budding feminist.  The first is a picture book about Gloria Steinem and the second is a biography of Cecile Richards, the past president of Planned Parenthood.  Both women have championed equality across genders.  They don’t shy away from making trouble and speaking out.  Their courage, I hope, will inspire young girls to find the…

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