Tortoise for the Win

Tortoise for the win in today’s book.  I was utterly charmed by this little reptile.  When his owner Sarah goes to school for the first time and leaves him home alone, he summons the courage to go after her.  But a little tortoise can only go so far in a day.

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Title: Trumantortoise for the win Truman

Author: Jean Reidy

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

What this book is about:

Sarah leaves her apartment with a very big backpack and puts extra beans in a bowl for Truman, her pet tortoise.  This concerns Truman, especially as he begins to wait an extra-long time for her return.  But that’s when he notices the three stacked rocks in his tank, and a pillow propped just right, and before he knows it he is working his way across the long carpet to the front door.  Is he brave enough to go find Sarah? 

Why I love this book :

  • This one charmed the socks off me.  Most back to school books give us the perspective of the child, but this one delights readers with how Truman, the little reptile might feel being left alone.  He is adorable, courageous and proud of his accomplishments, the same way Sarah is feeling on her first day of school!
  • Wonderful illustrations by Lucy Ruth Cummins.  They are full of color and charm and I really loved the color palette she used.  Clever two-page spread of the “enormous” rug to show what a challenge that is for a little tortoise. 

Who this book is for:

This is a fun back to school book, but really it can be read anytime.  Readers will be rooting for Truman and Sarah to be reunited.

Final thoughts:

I appreciated the counting opportunities peppered throughout the book from how many tortoises fit in a backpack to the beans in the bowl.

To purchase this book:

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