Timeless Advent Calendar

Who out there wants a timeless advent calendar that you can use again year after year?  Call me smitten with this new offering from Chronicle Books.  Each day is a new activity that will bring parents and kids together in the Christmas spirit.  The best part is that you can bring this book out annually.  That’s how Christmas memories are made people!

timeless advent calendar

Christmas Is Coming! An Advent Book by Chronicle Books (Author) and Katie Hickey (Illustrator)

From stories to be read, cookies to be baked and jokes to be told, each day provides families with an activity to help bring the spirit of the holiday into their home.  And the cover of the book provides the traditional numbered flaps for kids to open with a hint of what is in store that day.

If you have bakers in your house, don’t miss the Cookie Advent Book, also from Chronicle.    I promise your kids will remember these year after year, long after the Polly Pockets Advent Calendar clothes have torn and the Lego Advent Calendar pieces are lost (yup our family tried them all). Start a new tradition with this lovely book!