Superheroes Are Human Too

Today I have a clever book that reminds us that superheroes are human too.  They can have the same problems as your average kid and while they may have the swagger of a someone invincible, they can make mistakes just like the best of us.

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Title: Dear Justice Leaguesuperheroes are human too dear justice league

Author: Michael Northrop

Target: Grade 1-3

Series: No

What this book is about:

This graphic novel shares the responses of the members of the Justice League to emails sent by typical kids.  Batman gets asked if he ever makes mistakes.  Does Aquaman smell like fish? Does Hawkgirl eat small mammals?  All the while the reader gets to learn about each Justice League member’s superpowers and how they fight the bad guys.

Why I love this book:

  • The illustrations by Gustavo Duarte are vibrant and colorful.  Kids will immediately get drawn into the action with this extremely pleasing artwork.  He is able to capture the humor of these superheroes as they exhibit all the insecurities and foibles that real folks deal with on a daily basis.
  • I love the premise.  Humanizing these heroes makes them even more fun and the advice column format draws readers in to see just how these inhabitants of the Hall of Justice will respond.
  • Not being familiar with all the characters presented, I appreciated how bits of their powers and history were incorporated into the text.

Who this book is for:

This is a fun one for most kids.  Superhero fans will love it, as well as kids who love graphic novels.  Kids moving into larger chapter books will feel confident as well as reluctant readers.  Fans of The Great Escape will like this one.

Final thoughts: 

This book is just fun for kids.  Colorful graphics, superheroes with imperfections and clever humor make this one a book kids can just enjoy.

To purchase this book:

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