So Your Kid Likes Train/Car Books

So your kid likes train/car books.  Today I have two books that I want to share.  Both are visually gorgeous. One is full of facts while the other is more lyrical, but both will appeal to the vehicle lover in your family.  Happily, you will enjoy pouring through these beautiful illustrations as much as your offspring!

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so your kids like train/car books


Fast Forward by Adam Skinner

This book shares 18 of the most iconic race tracks on the planet.  It includes statistics on the track, famous moments that occurred there, as well as the details of the cars that have been the most successful on the course.  The illustrations by James Gilleard are sleek, modern and stylized giving the book a distinctive flair.  My boys would have poured through these tracks, especially the stats on the cars.  The book is also oversized making it quite impressive.  Great holiday gift for a car buff in your life!


Trains Run! by George Ella Lyon and Benn Lyon

This book is beautifully illustrated by Mick Wiggins.  He absolutely captures a sense of motion and scale in his artwork as well as the surrounding landscape.  Any train lover will revel in the variety of trains featured from bullet to toy trains.  My kids would have devoured this one.  The cadence of the text is just a bit off in places, which is unfortunate, but I still enjoyed the repetitive sections and the locals as well as the multitude of trains shown.

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