Silliness Abounds in This Whodunit

Silliness abounds in this whodunit!  The author takes us back to when he was a kid and the Queen of England enlisted him to find some missing jewels.  Really it was all in a days work for this talented author who was actually able to pass himself off as a small adult.  Will wonders never cease!

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Title: Kid Spy: Mac Undercoversilliness abounds in this whodunit kid spy mac undercover

Author: Mac Barnett

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

This book is autobiographical (wink wink).  When Mac was a kid he was called upon by the Queen of England to find a priceless treasure from the crown jewels which was stolen.  The spoon in question (yes spoon!) was stolen by the President of France and Mac must use all his wile to get it back.  As he gets involved in an international investigation and passes himself off as a very small adult, he soon realizes that others may be involved, and by others I mean the KGB!  With a Gameboy being held as ransom, there is no time for funny business.

Why I love this book:

  • Absurd humor, sarcasm, and a kids spy make this one a lot of fun.  This is the clever story you would tell your kids every night about your childhood if you had a vivid imagination and a propensity for witty observation. 
  • Lots of history tidbits are packed into this tale. Kids will learn about Cromwell, the Louvre, and the KGB, in that order.  If you are traveling to Europe I can think of no better guide to get them excited about the trip.
  • I love illustrated novels and the pictures do not disappoint.  Mile Lowery has done a great job of capturing the tone of the book.  A yellow and blue color palate perfectly capture Mac as he moves from country to country on the hunt for the missing spoon.

Who this book is for:

This one is great for kids who like silly and kids who enjoy illustrated novels.  Fans of the 13 Story Treehouse series as well as The Bad Guys series will absolutely enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

A fun entrant into the early chapter book category.  This author writes chapter books, picture books and now this.  Can YA be far behind?

To purchase this book:

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