Where Did Santa Claus Come From?

Today I have a book that will finally answer the question “Where did Santa Claus come from?”  No more having to take on evasive maneuvers when your kids corner you with the big Santa Claus question.  Just pull out this book and all will be answered.

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Title: A Boy Called Christmaswhere did Santa Claus come from a boy called Christmas

Author: Matt Haig

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: No, but there is a companion book, The Girl Who Saved Christmas

What this book is about:

Nikolas lives with his father in a small cabin up north. They are very poor and when his father is offered a chance to find Elfhelm, the home of the elves. He leaves Nikolas with his aunt Carlotta. She is cruel and soon Nikolas is off in search of his father. His adventure leads him to find reindeer, pixies, trolls and even the elves themselves, but he also discovers that greed has made his father callous and cruel. However, both Nikolas and his father make things right at great sacrifice to themselves and Nikolas goes to live with the elves. It is here he finds his greater purpose and becomes Father Christmas or as we call him in our house, Santa Claus!

Why I love this book:

– First off this book has a bit of snarky humor which I love. This is a British import so I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. But I must say for all its giggles, it is also is a touching story with just a bit of magic thrown in.

– This is a great family read aloud. If your kids ever want to know how Santa came to be, well this will answer even the most persistent doubter.

– The lovely illustrations by Chris Mould are a welcome addition. They suit the story well.

Who this book is for:

Great for most kids because who doesn’t want an answer to the age-old question “Where did Santa come from?”

Final thoughts:

A fun addition to a holiday library and a great read-aloud for families.

To purchase this book:

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