Retelling of the Story of Camelot

Today I have a retelling of the story of Camelot.  I remember the first time I saw the musical at a dinner theater when I was just a kid.  I went in with dread and I came out enchanted.  Hey, I was a sucker for show tunes and a handsome prince.

The cover of this book intrigued me and so even though it was targeted for readers older than my target I jumped in.  Again, I was caught up in the world of Camelot, but this is definitely not dinner theater fare.  It is a refreshing take on an old classic that is updated with intrigue and sophistication.

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Title: The Guinevere Deceptionretelling of the story of Camelot

Author: Kiersten White

Target: Grades 8 and up

Series: This is the first book in the planned trilogy, Camelot Rising

What this book is about:

Guinevere is on her way to Camelot to marry King Arthur, but there is a twist.  The real Guinevere is dead and the daughter of Merlin has secretly taken her place.  She is charged with protecting Arthur from a threat that has not been revealed to her.  Magic has been banned in Camelot, so Guinevere must hide her magical efforts to keep Arthur safe.  She must pretend to love him and fit in at court, two things for which she is not accustomed.  The secretive nature of her mission means there is a risk at every turn.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, I am not someone who is obssesed with the tale of King Arthur, so this one felt like a stretch for me at the beginning. But it is good so I got caught up in the story immediately and really enjoyed learning more about this myth.  There are a lot of twists and turns from the original version that makes this retelling quite fresh.
  • Kiersten White has quite a following, although I am unfamiliar with her work.  Other reviewers of this book were at times disappointed in the simplicity of this retelling in comparison to the complexity of her other stories. But not having read her other books, I found it quite fun.  I had no expectations and I was thoroughly pleased.
  • The action in this book doesn’t pick up until the second half, the first half is primarily set up.  That worked for me since it was so long ago that I had heard the story that I needed a refresher.  However, if you like a good battle in the first few chapters you will have to wait.  I also appreciated that the romantic tension was there, but not the center of the story.

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of historical fiction.  If you enjoyed The Cruel Prince, you should like this one.

Final thoughts:

Gorgeous cover.  

To purchase this book:

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