Preserving the History of Older Buildings

The book I am sharing today looks at preserving the history of older buildings.  When Jackie Kennedy learned they were going to build a skyscraper on top of Grand Central Station, she hopped into action to preserve the original building.  She believed our architecture represents a link to our past that needs to be maintained and cherished.

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Title: When Jackie Saved Grand Centralpreserving the history of older building when jackie saved grand central

Author: Natasha Wing

Target: K – Grade 4

What this book is about:

Jackie Kennedy felt that Grand Central Station was the heart of New York City and a critical link to its history. When developers threatened to build a skyscraper right on top of it, Jackie was motivated to save it. She lead the efforts through public opinion and the courts to preserve the building, taking the fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Fortunately she prevailed and Grand Central has now been refurbished to its former glory for all to enjoy.

Why I love this book:

  • Alexandra Boiger has done a beautiful job with the illustrations! They are extremely stylish and appealing, just like Jackie herself.
  • The book does a wonderful job giving us a reason to save older buildings. When you see the splendor of Grand Central it is hard to imagine having just a another generic skyscraper tin its place. Older building are a link to our past
  • I had no idea that the fight had gone all the way to the Supreme Court. A nice story about not giving up on what you want and taking the fight up as far as you can go.

Who this book is for:

Great book for kids who are going to visit NYC. They will insist on a visit to Grand Central! Nice to see a another book where women take up the fight, so if your kids liked I Dissent they will also enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

This is a lovely picture book that shows kids that their passionate voices can make a difference.

To purchase this book:

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