Powerful Picture Book About Access to Water

Today I have a powerful picture book about access to water.  Clean drinking water is something we take for granted in the US, but millions of families around the world do not have the resource close at hand.  Their days are spent simply acquiring something we just go the tap to get.  It keeps girls out of school and condemns them to a life of manual labour.  This beautiful picture book is a way to begin the conversation with kids so that they start to understand their blessings.

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Title: The Water PrincessWater Princess powerful picture book about access to water

Author: Susan Verde

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 3

What this book is about:

This story is inspired by the model Georgi Badiel’s early life in Burkina Faso when she had to spend her days walking miles to the well for clean water. Our water princess commands the water to come closer, but it does not obey her commands. She must rise before the sun and walk with her mother for miles with an empty pot there and a heavy pot back. But water is a necessity they cannot do without so at night our water princess dreams of a time when the water will be closer.

Why I love this book:

  • First off the illustrations by Peter Reynolds are gorgeous. While his palate is fairly monochrome, it conveys the dryness and hot arid climate of Africa.
  • The text is lyrical and full of imagery which makes the story more ethereal. As a result, this is a book that requires some discussion after reading. Children will probably not understand the profound implications of having to walk miles for water every day but this book introduces the concept and adults can build on this story.
  • There is a two page layout in the back which shares actual photos and more information about the plight of families in Burkina Faso.

Who this book is for:

Wonderful book for all children to introduce an important topic in a way that will draw them into the issues.

Final thoughts:

While we certainly have issues of poverty we must deal with in the US, there poor and there is poor. It is important for children to understand the plight of families around the world and to understand that going to the tap in our own home is a privilege that children around the world do not share.

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