Play Like a Girl

The book I have today will encourage kids to play like a girl.  Gabby is a ballplayer and female which doesn’t mean she isn’t a good athlete or that she can’t enjoy a cute dress.  As always we have to open our kids up to the possibility that gender roles don’t define us.  We get to decide what interest us and the passions we will pursue.

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Title: You Throw Like a Girlplay like a girl you throw

Author: Rachele Alpine

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

Gabby has moved for the summer to the town where her mom grew up because her father has been deployed overseas. Gabby is the star pitcher on her softball team and can’t wait to play in the summer league. However, her new town doesn’t have a girls softball team. A day at the recreation center has her mistakenly signing up for the local beauty pageant and now she must go out for the baseball team by impersonating a boy. She is trying to make everything work by pretending to be someone she isn’t, which is a risky proposition.

Why I love this book:

  • This book hit home for me because my daughter is soccer player with a dad who loves having a child who is an athlete. I, on the other hand, am a total girly girl and can’t wait to shop and pick out books with my daughter. This is the same conflict that Gabby encounters as her father has encouraged her love of baseball and her mother is a former beauty queen. Both parents love and support their child, but they can’t help hoping they daughter will enjoy the same things they did as a kid. This will resonate with a lot of readers.
  • I liked that Gabby could enjoy both activities in her own way. The real point here is to be yourself. Girls can rock it on the sports field and enjoy a fancy dress from time to time, even if they wear it with their Converse sneakers.
  • Nice sports book for girls. There really aren’t enough books for girls that focus on their love of athletics so this is a great addition. More and more girls are out on the field these days and we need books that reinforce that.

Who this book is for:

Great book for girls who like realistic fiction or girls who play sports. Fans of Roller Girl should like this one.

Final thoughts:

“Like a Girl” is becoming more empowering by the day!

To purchase this book:

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