Perfect for Fans of Masterchef Jr

Today I have a series that is perfect for fans of Masterchef Jr.  Go behind the scenes of a reality series for kids where the contestants have to prove their culinary expertise.  Now if only I could cook half as well as these kids!

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Title: Next Best Junior Chef: Lights, Camera, Cook!perfect for fans of masterchef jr. next best junior chef

Author: Charise Mericle Harper

Target: Grades 2-5

Series: This is the first book in a planned trilogy

What this book is about:

Think Master Chef Jr. as four kids who are young foodies are thrust into the limelight on a competitive cooking show. Rae, Tate, Caroline and Oliver are competing to be the Next Best Junior Chef and they must complete challenges that involve knife skills, plating, and food on a stick! All their techniques are tested as they stretch their culinary abilities along with figuring each other out.

Why I love this book:

  • I am a reality show junkie so this book was right up my alley. I loved reading about the innovative scenarios to test these kids skills and really enjoyed seeing the solutions they came up with.
  • It was so enlightening to read about what happens behind the scenes of these tv shows. Between the games they set up to get the kids not to look at the camera, the mentoring when the camera was off and the pantry lists taped to the bottom of the baskets, readers will get all the secrets to what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.
  • The interview blurbs of the contestants throughout the book was a fun touch. Not only was it visually interesting but I got a great sense of each character.

Who this book is for:

Great for any kid who is a foodie or any kid who likes reality tv. If your child enjoys books such as Neil Flambe, All Four Stars or Chloe by Design then this one will be a hit.

Final thoughts:

Ok, here is the bummer. Each book in the trilogy is one episode, so while you get to find out who is eliminated in the first episode, you have to wait a for the the next book to be published to find out who gets eliminated next! You won’t know the winner until the end of the series.

To purchase this book:

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