Perfect Book for Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Today I have the perfect book for getting in the Christmas spirit.  This one will take you through a whole gammut of emotions.  You will be sad, gleeful, scared and hopeful but I promise your young reader will enjoy the ride!

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Title: The Girl Who Saved Christmasperfect book for getting in the Christmas spirit girl who save Christmas

Author: Matt Haig

Target: Grades 4-6

Series: This is a companion book to A Boy Called Christmas

What this book is about:

The “Christmas Spirit” possessed by Amelia is what gives Santa the boost of magic he needs to start delivering presents to children all over the world.  However, when misfortune befalls Amelia and her spirit dwindles, Santa looses his get up and go.  The North Pole is ravaged and he has to cancel Christmas.  Santa knows that Amelia is the key to resuming the holiday, so he goes on a frantic search for her.  If he doesn’t find her, all hope may be lost!

Why I love this book:

  • This is a fast paced story. Kids will be swept up immediately in the action as one tragedy and then another seems to weave itself through the book.  However, the humor and tenacity of the elves, humans and even Santa is never lost, which also means the story if full of hope.
  • This story is funny.  Plenty of humor and play on words keep the narrative lights even with some of the darker stuff happening.  I mean Amelia’s mother dies in the first few chapters, which might seriously bring the tone of the story down, but tragedy only serves to fuel the resolve of our strong willed characters.
  • Who can resist a Christmas story where love is the answer?  Maybe I am a little sappy these days, but we really do need more of it now more than ever.

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of Roald Dahl or A Series of Unfortunate Events.  This would make a wonderful read aloud for the holidays.

Final thoughts:

I like it when a girl saves the day!

To purchase this book:

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