Candid Look at Difficult Kids

Today I have a book that takes a candid look at difficult kids.  There is always a Patrick in our kids class, team or group.  The kid who taunts, annoys or breaks stuff.   When you find out he is coming to the birthday party you have to shore yourself up inside.  Well, this books shares that kid from the…

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Innovative World War II Book for Kids

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Today I have an innovative World War II book for kids.  This book is really like nothing I have read before.  Artwork and text are comingled making the story come alive.  It is about a German theologian who worked from inside the German regime to try and take Hitler down.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer walked a tricky line, but his absolute belief in…

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Dia de los Muertos

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Simon and Schuster sent me Dia de los Muertos, a book from their new board book series Celebrate the World.  Other titles include Ramadan, Diwali and Lunar New Year.  I chose to share this one with you because I think these books are well done and a fabulous way to share holidays around the globe with your kids. Don’t forget…

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An Absolutely Charming Chapter Book

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Today I have an absolutely charming chapter book.  I have never met a Kate DiCamillo book I didn’t like, but this one ranks right up there with my favorites.  Lousianna Elefante will captivate readers with her willfulness and spunk but her voyage of self-discovery will leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,…

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Compelling Graphic Novel

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Today I have a compelling graphic novel that does not sugar coat the trauma wrought on families who have a member who is an addict.   This is a true story and will serve as a way for kids to develop empathy for others who face similar difficulties.  It also reminds us that families are complicated and loving and tough…

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Book That Encourages Empathy

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Today I have a book that encourages empathy.  This is such a powerful story disguised as a fictional memoir by the author whose family also came from China to end up working and living in a motel.  My heart went out to Mia, but her attitude and resilience kept the story moving in such a positive direction that I was…

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Silliness Abounds in This Whodunit

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Silliness abounds in this whodunit!  The author takes us back to when he was a kid and the Queen of England enlisted him to find some missing jewels.  Really it was all in a days work for this talented author who was actually able to pass himself off as a small adult.  Will wonders never cease! Don’t forget to follow…

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Must Read Back to School Book

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Today I have a must read back to school book!  It isn’t very often I fall in love with the back to school fare that’s offered.  My favorites continue to be School’s First Day of School and First Day Jitters.  But now we have a noteworthy addition that hits all the right notes.  Dare I say kids will eat this…

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When a Student Has a Secret

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This book is about when a student has a secret and has to find a way to move forward.  I don’t want to give too much away!  I read this book several years ago and found my review this week.  It got lost in all the other “stuff” I have going on.  Sorry, I didn’t share it then, but the…

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When Your Friends Are Wealthier

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Today I have a book that tackles the problem of when your friends are wealthier than you are.  Income disparity and spending differ by family and tweens need to confront the reality that they don’t have all the same things as their friends.  How do kids manage when they are developing their identities and don’t always feel confident?  It’s an…

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