for a kid who wants to be exceptional

For a Kid Who Wants to Be Exceptional

Today I have a book for a kid who wants to be exceptional.  Hey, there are kids out there who are destined for greatness but just how do they achieve this monumental status?  Well, let Steve the horse be their guide.  I mean this guy has got it all going on. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter,…

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Pakistani Girl Fighting for a Voice

Today I have the story of a Pakistani girl fighting for a voice.  This book will show readers the importance of education and the cultural influences that prevent women from moving forward. We take so much for granted in the U.S. and this narrative will expose kids to a whole different world, far from the comfort of their privilege.  Meeting…

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Resolutions for the New Year

I think is is always good to set goals for yourself, and what better time than the start of the New Year!  Now please don’t hold my feet to the fire on these, but hey, giving me a nudge from time to time is always appreciated. 2018 kicked my but.  From a personal standpoint, it really dragged me down and gave…

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Kids Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

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Kids like big books and I cannot lie.  Without a doubt the size of the present under the tree is important.  The younger the child, the more important the measurements.  My mother in law boasts a “Santa Bag” with significantly large dimensions, and each grandchild secretly hopes that their gift will come in said bag.  Usually that means that books…

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Great Cookbook for Kids and Young Adults

Today I have a great cookbook for Kids and Young Adults.  Everyone knows that America’s Test Kitchen is the gold standard of cooking shows and now they have lent their know how to a younger audience.  My son and I tried out several recipes just to see how easy and tasty they were and call us impressed.  My son cooked…

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Perfect Book for Getting in the Christmas Spirit

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Today I have the perfect book for getting in the Christmas spirit.  This one will take you through a whole gammut of emotions.  You will be sad, gleeful, scared and hopeful but I promise your young reader will enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or by email so that you don’t…

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What I Learned After 30 Days of Giving

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I thought it might be fun to do a take away from what I learned after 30 Days of Giving.  For those who did not follow my exploits on Facebook or Instagram, I gave away books or money to book related causes every day in November.  As for results: I gave away over 100 children’s titles.  Recipients ranged from friends…

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Book Inspired Holiday Gifts

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Just in time for the holidays, I have my post for book inspired holiday gifts.  So many of you know readers but aren’t sure what books they have already, or which might pique their interest.  Well, a present inspired by great stories can be just as wonderful for the readers in your life.  So here are a few of my…

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30 Days of Giving – Week 3

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I am continuing my goal of giving away books or giving to book-related causes every day in November.  It has been a lovely challenge and a reminder that books can be fun and exciting surprises that put a smile on a kid’s (or grownup’s) face.  To see the recipients for the past two weeks check out my prior posts: 30…

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Historical Fiction That Tackles Slavery

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Today I have a work of historical fiction that tackles slavery.  I can’t lie.  This is usually the type of book I shy away from because it gets me way too emotional.  But I love Christopher Paul Curtis and it is a National Book finalist so I took one for the team and dug in.  Gosh, was I rewarded with…

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