Heartwarming Story for the Elementary School Crowd

Today I have a heartwarming story for the elementary school crowd.  With a wonderful neighborhood and a strong sense of community, the Vanderbeekers are part of what makes their block tick.  When they get an eviction notice a few days before Christmas, everyone bands together to help them save their home. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook,…

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Where Do Favorite Toys Come From?

Just where do favorite toys come from?  The answer is wonderfully wrapped up in this fun book that shares the origin of some of our most iconic playthings.  Now, what kid doesn’t want to read about how Pokemon got its start?  This book will make nonfiction cool and relevant. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or…

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When Test Scores Mean Everything

When test scores mean everything, the pressure for the perfect score can be overwhelming.  The students in Mrs. Woods class feel their future hangs in the balance if they don’t score well enough on state tests and it causes them to do things they would never have considered otherwise.  This is a look at the substantial load we place on…

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Book About the Vietnam War

I am sharing a review I wrote a few years back concerning a book about the Vietnam War that just blew me away.  With The Post about to hit theaters, I was reminded of how little I knew regarding the war and about the Pentagon Papers.  Sheinkin has created a historical thriller that takes us back through four Presidents.  If…

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Most Popular Posts of 2017

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I always like to take a moment to look back at the most popular posts of 2017.  These are the blogs that readers seemed to enjoy in record numbers.  A quick scan makes me realize that I should be reviewing adult books since my only two posts about grown-up stories made it into my top five.  But hey I am…

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For Kids Still Searching for Their Passion

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Today I have a book for kids still searching for their passion.  Often times, like Lindy in this story, kids get worried that they don’t have a “thing” that makes them stand out and they are falling behind their peers.  Lindy learns that what brings her joy doesn’t have to be big and flashy, but something she truly loves. Don’t…

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These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

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If you are still looking for a perfect gift, here are a few of my favorite things!  These are the books I loved this year.  They are the ones I keep going back to time after time when someone asks me for a great book recommendation.  They will make the perfect last-minute gifts that will stay with your reader long…

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A Return to Fantasy in Kid’s Books

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Today I have a return to fantasy in kid’s books.  There have been so many stories out this year which are realistic fiction, I was starting to think that publishers had given up on new fantasy offerings.  Well, welcome to Nevermoor, a book that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter with its elements of magic, a contest to weed…

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Charming and Funny Early Chapter Book

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Today I have a charming and funny early chapter book.  There can never be enough stories that engage children after they have moved up from early readers but aren’t quite ready yet for the middle-grade tomes.  This book fits the bill.  Beatrice will make kids laugh and perhaps give them a new perspective. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book…

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Perfect Book for a Horse Lover

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Today I have the perfect book for a horse lover.  American Pharaoh was the last horse to win the Triple Crown, and the author Shelley Mickle gives us an in-depth look at how his magical journey began.  While this is nonfiction, the story reads like a novel and readers will get caught up in the excitement of each race. Don’t…

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