New Series from Chris Colfer

Today I am sharing the new series from Chris Colfer, the author of the extremely popular Land of Stories series and actor from Glee.  Generally, I am a little wary of actors turned authors.  Their books feel more like vanity projects than stories that will reel kids into an exciting narrative.  But call me pleasantly surprised and I even like this new endeavor better than his first series!

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Title: A Tale of Magicnew series from Chris Colfer A tale of magic

Author: Chris Colfer

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: This is the first book in a planned series

What this book is about:

This is a prequel to Chris Colfer’s hugely popular series the Land of Stories. Brystal Evergreen lives in the Southern Kingdom where girls are discouraged from reading or holding jobs other than wives or mothers.  However, Brystal craves books and knows she is destined for greater things.  When she inadvertently discovers her magical abilities (which are forbidden) she is sent away.  Fortunately, she is found by a fairy who gives her a chance to hone her gifts, but those magical abilities may be needed sooner rather than later when an evil menace threatens their very existence.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, I got caught up in this one from the first chapter.  Brystal is absolutely charming and readers will be rooting for her to upset the status quo.  I actually loved the whole cast of fairies.  Understanding their magical abilities was great fun and they each had unique personalities.    From Lucy who is rough around the edges and doesn’t know if she is a fairy or witch to Xanthous who fears he will burn anything too close and is finally able to use his fire for good, I was totally bought in.
  • Chris Colfer nicely weaves in the current social issues of the day.  From misogyny, discrimination and stereotypes, Chris was able to show how these hurt not only the individuals involved but also a whole community.  Kids will absolutely make the connections.

Who this book is for:

Kids who love fantasy will devour this one.  If they read Land of Stories, then this prequel is a must-read, but you don’t need to have read Land of Stories to enjoy this one. Kids who are fans of Nevermoor or Jinx’s Magic will like A Tale of Magic.

Final thoughts:

I never really warmed to Land of Stories, so I was a little nervous about this prequel. However, call me converted, this one is a keeper.

To purchase this book:

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