Looking for Peace and Quiet

Today I have a book about a boy who is looking for peace and quiet.  Albert just wants to read, but the world around him is putting quite a few roadblocks in his path to tranquility.  The good news is that his friends really do care how he feels.

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Title: Albert’s Quiet Questlooking for peace and quiet Albert's quiet quest

Author: Isabelle Arsenault

Target: Preschool-Grade 3

What this book is about:

Albert heads outside in an effort to find a quiet place to read.  In the alley behind his house, he finds a discarded painting of a beach and imagines himself on said beach relaxing and enjoying his book.  As neighborhood friends start joining him in the alley playing various games, Albert incorporates them into his peaceful beach scene.  But as the games get rowdier, Albert suddenly finds himself unable to read and scolds his friends for interrupting his reading.  But being the good buddies they are, they all pull out their chairs and books and read with Albert.  When he apologizes for being upset they shush him for being too loud, which results in plenty of giggles!

Why I love this book:

  • No beating around the bush here, these graphics are fabulous.  A four-tone color scheme of black, white, turquoise and orange make the illustrations pop off the page.  I loved how with each new friend’s arrival, they are incorporated into the beach diorama, representing Albert’s mood.  Deliriously good!
  • It is nice to have a story that represents when kids just want some quiet time.  But I also believe it represents the conflict kids have when their friends just aren’t in tune with what they want to do, which all kids experience on a daily basis!  So Albert’s feeling will be universal, whether you have a quiet child or not.

Who this book is for:

Great for most kids.  Quiet kids will feel heard but kids whose friends don’t respect what they want to do will also understand Albert’s frustrations.  Kids who like the book Quiet or books like Petra will enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

I have loved Isabelle Arsenault since I read her book Jane, the Fox and Me.  She has another new book out this year, Just Because with Mac Barnett that is also a gem.

To purchase this book:

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