Let’s Hear It for the Troublemaker

Today let’s hear it for the troublemaker.  I love the Ivy and Bean books, so I was thrilled to learn the author had started a new series.  This one features Iggy, and while he is not the model of manners, he is a real kid who has to learn the consequences of his actions.  Does that sound something like your child? I know mine could have used a dose of Iggy.

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Title: The Best of Iggylet's hear it for the troublemaker the best of iggy

Author: Annie Barrows

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: ?

What this book is about:

Iggy is a kid who gets into trouble.  He doesn’t mean to shake things up, but hey, life happens.  What he learns is that there are three types of things we wish we hadn’t done: 1) those we just wish we hadn’t gotten in trouble for, 2) those we wish we hadn’t done quite as much as we did and 3) those we wish we hadn’t done at all.  Readers get a story reflecting each of these lessons.  

Why I love this book:

  • I appreciated that Iggy thinks just like a real kid. Despite having a strong sense of right and wrong when I was young, I was also quite selfish and only saw things from my point of view.  I totally got that sense from Iggy.  He has a good heart, but sometimes he is just self-absorbed.   Now that’s real life.
  • I like that the author puts things in perspective.  Kids aren’t perfect, but there are things that are annoying and then things that cross the line.  Understanding and accepting the consequences for each is important for both kids and adults.
  • The book is fun.  Barrows employs quite a bit of humor and speaks directly to the reader at times to emphasize her point. Great use of illustrations and page layouts to highlight different parts of the story.  Pages have a dark background when things are really bad and limited words on a page to give emphasis to important things.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who are starting chapter books.  Short chapters, plenty of illustrations and an engaging layout make it a nice choice.  Fans of Kid Spy and the 13 Story Treehouse series will like this one. 

Final thoughts:

I like Iggy and I think your kids will too!  Although I did think it was odd to name the first book in the series “The Best of”!

To purchase this book:

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