Learning to Live in Your Body

This is a book for teens about learning to live in your body.  I was so caught up in Greer’s journey as she allowed her self-consciousness about her chest define who she was and what she could do.  To see her start to break free of those confines was so cathartic and a message that so many teens need to hear, with absolute honesty and heartbreaking realism.

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Title: My Eyes Are Up Herelearning to live in your body my eyes are up here

Author: Laura Zimmerman

Target: Grades 7-12

Series: No

What this book is about:

Greer Walsh is a sophomore whose breasts are pretty large.  Unfortunately, that fact seems to rule her life.  She is so self-conscious about her body that it stops her from getting involved in sports, going to dances, or even hanging out at the pool with friends.  Her wardrobe is limited to XL sweatshirts that she hopes hide her from others.  However, when a boy starts to show some genuine interest in her, and her volleyball talents are revealed she realizes that her chest is stopping her from so many of the fun things in life.  How can she reconcile her breast size with her desire to come out from hiding?

Why I love this book:

  • I loved this story.  I had a very small chest in high school, so while I couldn’t related to Greer’s specific predicament, I could absolutely relate to her larger issues (no pun intended).  Many girls in high school feel self-conscious about one body issue or another and they let it rule their choices.  Big clothing hides more than large breasts.  I see my own daughter swallowed up in large clothing when she wants to hide from the world.  Most girls will absolutely be able to relate, large chest or not.
  • I liked her friendships.  Her girlfriends were kind and supportive.  Sometimes they missed what Greer was going through because they were focused on their own issues.  I appreciated how realistic that was.
  • Sports for girls, or really any other organized group (yup robotics and mathletes included)  are great for kids.  When you are valued for something having nothing to do with looks and you are a part of a group that is cheering for your success, it can do wonders for your confidence!

Who this book is for:

Great for most high school kids.  There are some swear words and high school situations, so I would recommend it for middle schoolers with that caveat.  Fans of Speed of Life should like this one.

Final thoughts:

A perfect story for every kid who wants to fade into the background, but who also desperately wants to be seen for who they are.

To purchase this book:

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