Learn What It Is Like to Be a Dog

So many kids have received a new canine companion for the holidays. But now what?  Well, how about the book I am profiling today.  Written by an animal behavorist, this book looks at what it’s really like to be a dog.  What are they thinking?  Is a lick really a kiss?  Is your family their pack?    Your kids will really learn what it is like to be a dog and maybe, just maybe, that might translate into a few more walks for your four legged friend!


Inside of a Dog — Young Readers Edition: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz

This book is adapted from the author’s bestselling  adult book by the same name.  While it is not a training manual, it will give kids insight into how a dog learns, how it feels about it’s human companions, and how it sees the world around it.  You may be more forgiving of some dog behavior after reading this book and relish the new understanding you have of your furry friend.  While this book didn’t provide any startling new revelations for me, I think for kids it will help them develop empathy and give them a new way to look at dog ownership.