Introduce Simple Money Concepts to Young Kids

Today I have a set of books that introduce simple money concepts to young kids.  It is never too early to arm children with financial tools.  These books are adorable and present the ideas of saving, earning and spending in simple and relevant ways.  They also introduce early math concepts so just think how brilliant your child can become!

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introduce simple money concepts to young kids

Save It! by Cinders McLeod

This is my favorite book in the series and the books can be read in any order.  Honey gets 2 carrots a week for watching her siblings and she wants a quiet playhouse of her own.  She can afford one in 5 weeks if she just saves, but then she can’t use her money to do fun things like buy ice cream.  She decides to spend 1 carrot a week and save 1 carrot a week and in 10 weeks she gets her fabulous playhouse delivery.

introduce simple money concepts to young kids

Spend It! by Cinders McLeod

In this book, Sonny gets an allowance and wants to buy everything.  But there are only certain things he can afford.  He and his mom go through his choices and he realizes that some things aren’t worth the money.  Other picks just overlap with the things he already has.  He finally decides on something that he can afford that will be fun and new for him.  Both mom and Sonny are happy in the end.  Imagine!

introduce simple money concepts to young kids

Earn It! by Cinders McLeod

In this story Bun wants to be a rich and famous singer. Her mom shares the steps she must take to make that dream happen.  They include monetary things like paying for singing lessons along with things that are free like singing in school concerts.  The most important lesson, however, is that Bun will feel great if she is respsonsible for making her dream happen because she earned it. That may be the best feeling of all.

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