Imaginary Play Is the Best

Today I have a book that shows kids that imaginary play is the best kind of play.  You know that saying about kids have more fun with the boxes at Christmas than the toys inside, well I was never that kid.  I always wanted everything pristine and perfect, right out of the box.  I have to admit, however, that the games I remember the most fondly from childhood are all the make believe scenarios I would concoct.  Perhaps I was my own worst enemy, but you can still encourage your kids to dream big while they play.  Those are the memories they will cary with them.

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Title: This Is My Dollhousethis is my dollhouse imaginary play is the best

Author: Giselle Potter

Target: Preschool – Grade 2

What this book is about:

Our main character has built a dollhouse out of a box she found. The inside is a hodge podge of things she has assembled. She spends hours thinking of and creating new adventures for her dolls. Her friend Sophie has a dollhouse that is purchased and all the accessories are included. Sophie does not want to bring anything in to the house that doesn’t fit perfectly with the pre purchased design, which makes playing with it a bit of a challenge. Our main character is nervous to show Sophie her home made doll house because nothing is perfect. But when Sophie comes over, their imaginations fly and Sophie doesn’t want to stop playing.

Why I love this book:

  • This book is a lovely way to reinforce to kids that things from their imagination can be so much more powerful than something they bought. I loved everything perfect when I was a kid, but it certainly limited my creativity and ability to really play. My fondest memories are of my made up games.
  • The artwork, also by Giselle Potter, is striking. I have admired her style for years and she brings a sophisticated edge to a story that could simply be cute.

Who this book is for:

Perfect for the girl who didn’t get the dollhouse out of the catalogue. Also wonderful book for kids who need a spark in their imagination.

Final thoughts:

My favorite book growing up was Big Susan. I still remember looking through those pages so perhaps I have a fondness for dollhouse books!

To purchase this book:

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