Illustrated Novel Gets My Vote

This illustrated novel gets my vote!  Your kids can only read Captain Underpants and Timmy Failure so many times.  Put this book into the mix and increase the number of stories in the rotation.  This one has a lot to make kids smile about.

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Title: Funny Kid for Presidentillustrated novel gets my vote funny kid for president

Author: Matt Stanton

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Max gets blamed for poop that is found in the storeroom at school.  For the record, he is not responsible.  However, the injustice of the accusation does incentivize Max to run for class president.  He may not be the smartest, tallest or most handsome, but he is pretty funny.  But is he funny enough to beat his archnemesis, Abby Purcell? 

Why I love this book:

  • This book has poop, farts and vomit, the holy trinity of elementary school humor.  I read plenty of books with these elements that are gratuitous, but here the author makes them work without offending my sensibilities.  That may be my litmus test for a good elementary school story and it has to make me laugh.
  • The line drawings are simple but effective.  Just enough illustrations to break up the text for a reluctant reader but not so many that this book threatens to teeter over into graphic novel.
  • This book does have exaggerated stereotypes for the adults but it just may be the way kids feel about us some of the time!  Silly abounds but the story is clever so readers will enjoy this funny kid.

Who this book is for:

Great story for fans of Timmy Failure.  Good for reluctant readers or kids who like illustrated novels.

Final thoughts:

I liked Max.  He was charming enough that I would be happy to tune in to his next adventure.

To purchase this book:

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