History of Baseball for Kids

With the start of major league baseball, now is the time to get out those baseball books, especially ones that look at the history of baseball for kids.  The SF Giants may have lost, but the season has just begun so let’s play ball.

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Title: Baseball Then to Wowbaseball then to wow history of baseball for kids

Author: Mark Bechtel

Target: Grade 3 and up

What this book is about:

This book looks at how the rules, the gear the players, the statistics and even the merchandise has evolved since the game’s inception.  Readers can see how the the National and American League teams have moved, they can see the changes in the catcher’s mask, mitts and stadium configuration, they can even see the best pitchers by pitch or the fastest base runners.  Of course I enjoyed the trivia items such as the Lou Brocks Soda Pop and the first baseball board game.

Why I love his book:

  • The layout is great.  Plenty of eye catching graphics and photos pull the reader in right away and the accompanying paragraphs are full of pertinent and interesting information.
  • Enjoyed that the pioneers of baseball not only included the inclusion of African American players but also players from Latin America and Japan
  • I learned a lot.  I never really understood the different roles in the pitching staff and this book artfully explains the Loogy and the Long Reliever.  Love it when a book makes me smarter.

Who this book is for:

Great for any kid with an interest in baseball.  Parents will probably enjoy it just as much as their kids.

Final thoughts:

I especially enjoyed the section of ballpark food.  We always try to get in a baseball game when we are traveling and while I may not be a connoisseur of the game, I can appreciate a good Italian sausage.  We are off to the Tokyo Dome this summer to see the Nippon-Ham Fighters and Seibu Lions and I can’t wait to find out what delicacies they will be serving!

To purchase this book:

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