Great Book for Kids Starting Middle School

Today I have a great book for kids starting middle school, or frankly for kids already there.  What tween wouldn’t like a book that gets the challenges of middle school that parents will just never understand!

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Title: The 47 People You’ll Meet in Middle Schoolgreat book for kids starting middle school

Author: Kristin Mahoney

Target: Grade 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Augusta is starting middle school without her best friend Layla from elementary school.  On top of that, her parents have recently divorced and while the split is amicable, it is not easy for Augusta.  Augusta introduces us to the characters who will shape her time in middle school.  We learn about the new friends who turn out to really understand her and the old friends who have moved on and no longer want anything to do with Augusta.  She shares the teachers who seem to understand and the ones who just don’t get it.  Middle school turns out to be hard and rewarding and finding your people can really make a difference.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, Kristin Mahoney really knows middle school.  This felt like an authentic portrayal of the kids and teachers you meet, from first impressions to the deeper connections that are forged.  I loved the beginning when the reader is meeting the people that influence Augusta, but the format changed as the story developed.  You aren’t actually introduced to 47 people, which is fine, but I did think there was a little disconnect from the expectation.
  • Augusta struggles with loving her family and being very embarrassed by them.  Sound familiar for middle school?  The issues around divorce felt very real.  I like that the parents were good people who were also trying to figure out this transition.
  • She gets the bottom locker, her best friend from elementary school is having the time of her life at a different middle school, her glasses make her feel really uncool, her father picks her up in an embarrassing car and she eats in the courtyard to avoid the cafeteria.  How can anyone not relate to Augusta?

Who this book is for:

Great for kids getting ready for middle school or kids who have just begun.  Kids who like realistic fiction will enjoy this book.  If your child liked Awkward or Sticks and Stones, this one will also be a hit.

Final thoughts:

This book reminded me that finding your people is such an important part of school.

To purchase this book:

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