Girl’s Guide to Paris

Any girl lucky enough to take a trip to the city of lights will love this girl’s guide to Paris.   In the book I am profiling today, girls get to follow a treasure hunt through this fabled city.  It may inspire a few pleas for a trip, but summer vacation is right around the corner …

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Title: My Secret Guide to Paris
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Target: Grades 4-7
Series: No 

What this book is about: 

Nora’s grandmother has fostered a love of Paris in Nora.  They have planned a trip together, but before they can go, Nora’s grandmother is taken from her in an accident.  Nora is heartbroken, but when she finds the tickets and a treasure hunt planned by her grandmother around the city of lights, she knows she needs to make the trip.  Convincing her mother to take her, however, is another story.  Her mother and grandmother didn’t have the best relationship, so maybe this trip can help heal all of them, and provide some delicious chocolate and macarons in the process!

Why I love this book: 
This book was a cute and fun romp around the city of Paris.  I loved the treasure hunt aspect of the story.  Each place is somewhere you can visit if you are fortunate enough to make the trip.  How fun would it be to find the many places in the story and taste many of their delicious delicacies?  But even if you don’t have a trip planned, any Francophile would love to hear of Nora’s adventures.
I have to admit that the rift between the mother and grandmother in this book felt a bit forced.  I had a little trouble understanding why the mom was so reluctant to do anything associated with the grandmother, and the explanation didn’t quite seem adequate.  But this is a small quip and the story itself was quite entertaining.
Who this book is for:
This book is for any girl who dreams of Paris!  It is a light quick read that will have kids dreaming of chocolate chaud and croissants.
Final thoughts: 
This would be such a fun book to give kids before a trip to Paris, although you might get roped into seeing The Musee de la Poupee (Doll Museum).
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