Even Reluctant Readers Will Love This Book

Today I have pulled a book from my archives because even reluctant readers will love this book.  A friend reminded me recently how much her sons love this story and I felt it was a good time to put it front and center again in your consciousness.  It is one of those books that touches kids, both male and female,while moving at a good pace and giving them multiple perspectives.

My admiration of the book has definitely grown over time as I see kids relating to it year after year.  This book was written before Wonder, but has some of those same qualities that make it a great choice for kids.  My original review was written about five years ago and my style and format have changed a bit since then but I still think this review captures the essence of the story!

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Book: Because of Mr. Teruptbecause of mr. Terupt even reluctant readers will love this book

Author: Rob Buyea

Target: Grades 4-6

Series: Yes

This book caught my attention because it has a forward written by John Irving, one of my favorite authors. My curiosity as to why he felt this was such compelling book got the better of me! I felt it was a little gem of a book that stayed with me.

This book is about a fifth grade teacher, Mr. Terupt, who starts off as a new teacher, and ends up touching the lives of his students profoundly. It is told from the point of view of seven of the kids in his class and each chapter is their view of the events going on in the story. The characters are very authentic and I could relate to how each of them represented someone in my son’s class.

My sixth grader read this book in one day, as did I. The story moves at a good pace and is hard to put down. Even my son said it was one of the books he enjoyed most this summer. Definitely one I would recommend picking up!

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