Endearing New Christmas Book

When my kids were little we usually added a new title or two to our Christmas book collection every year.  If I still had someone to read them to, this wonderful endearing new Christmas book would have a prized spot in our holiday book basket.  If you are going to buy a new one this year, I highly recommend this title!

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Title: Christmas for Greta and Graciechristmas-for-greta-and-gracie endearing new Christmas book

Author: Yasmeen Ismail

Target: Preschool- Grade 1

What this book is about:

Greta always has something to say! Her younger sister Gracie usually just listens. Greta is the expert on everything and declares Gracie too slow for ice skating. She thinks Gracie is too little to help with the Christmas tree and too quiet to ask for ribbon at the store. However, when Christmas Eve rolls around, because Gracie is slow, little and quiet she gets to meet Santa while he is delivering presents, and that is perhaps the only thing that renders Greta speechless.

Why I love this book:
  • This book is perfect for any kid who has been bossed around by a sibling, friend or classmate who thinks they know it all. Yes the quiet, timid kid gets their day!
  • Even though Gracie does turn the tables on Greta in the end, I like that the sibling relationship was affectionate and loving. Greta may be bossy, but she loves her little sister and Gracie loves Greta in return
  • The illustrations are digital but have the effect of watercolor. I found them incredibly appealing.
Who this book is for:

Lovely Christmas story to add to the collection. All children should enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

I recently reviewed One Word from Sophia from the same author/illustrator and found it charming. Looking forward to what she comes up with next.

To purchase this book:

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