Early Chapter Book About Facing Your Fears

Today I have an early chapter book about facing your fears.  Leo is not fond of the monster under his bed, but when the two get to talking, well, things start to work out alright.  Really monsters aren’t all that bad, and after Leo’s monster gets a name, he and Fred are a real team.

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Title: Under-the-Bed Fredearly chapter book about facing your fears under the bed fred

Author: Linda Bailey

Target: Kindergarten-Grade 1

Series: No

What this book is about:

Leo is not too keen on the monster living underneath his bed.  He regularly fears his ankles getting grabbed when he has to get up to use the bathroom at night.  But one night he summons the courage to ask the monster to stay put while he does his business, and it turns out to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Of course, the monster still scares folks, I mean it is his job, but all in the service of good. 

Why I love this book:

  • What a great way to demystify the idea of a monster under the bed.  Kids will be rethinking how bad it is to have someone looking out for you who is just a stone’s throw away.  They might even hope one takes up residence in their room!
  • Great illustrations by Colin Jack.  They are playful and perfectly convey the fun of the story.  

Who this book is for:

This book is great for kids just starting chapter books.  Big type and plenty of illustrations make this chapter book very manageable for kids.  It is also well suited for a read aloud.

Final thoughts:

Yup, I could have used this monster when I was a kid.

To purchase this book:

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