Don’t Miss This Back to School Book

Don’t miss this back to school book!  If you are a fan of Chris Van Dusen and his If I Built a Car or If I Built House picture books, then this is a must-have!

Title: If I Built a SchoolDon't miss this back to school book

Author: Chris Van Dusen

Target: Preschool – Adult

Series: Yes

What kid wouldn’t love to go to school with hover desks and hologram visitors to explain history?  Don’t get me started on the gym with its trampoline basketball court or the library with pop-outs that make every story come alive.

Children will pour over the first spread with all the author’s rejected ideas and the last spread with all the details of his ideal school.  Of course, the illustrations throughout are gorgeous & colorful and the rhyming text is spot on.

This book will bring kids’ imaginations to life and it is a must-read as kids get ready to go back to school.  I can’t envision any child wanting to leave this school at the end of the day.  Now just how do we get cute puppies to greet kids every day when they arrive?

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