Decorate for the Holidays with Legos

Today I have a book that will let you decorate for the holidays with Legos.  I remember an ill fated year when Christmas arrived in the midst of our remodel.  All our decorations were squirreled away in boxes off site with no hope of retrieval.  Lego creations saved our tree from the shame of being naked but none we made were quite as sophisticated as the ones kids can create with this book.  It’s time to get you Lego Ho Ho on!

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decorate for the holidays with legos

The Lego Christmas Ornaments Book by Chris McVeigh

We used to have tens of thousands of Legos, and actually using them for Christmas decorations beyond our year without ornaments would have been fabulous.

Looking at the pieces needed, you do need to have a plentiful collection of Legos or be willing to make some modifications to your design.  The pieces required are not all standard but our family would not have been stymied in the least!  We did have that many.