Dealing with a Prickly Personality

Today I have a book about dealing with a prickly personality.  Hank just wants to be left alone, or does he?

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Title: Nobody Hugs a Cactusdealing with a prickly personality nobody hugs a cactus

Author: Carter Goodrich

Target: Preschool-Grade 1

What this book is about:

Cactus lives alone and he likes it that way.  The local passersby’s try to engage Cactus, but he will have none of it.  Eventually, they want nothing to do with him.  But when an errant cup gets caught in his spikes and the friendly tumbleweed helps remove it, Cactus begins to regret being so well, prickly.  He grows a flower as a thank you gift, and as tumbleweed comes to collect it, she gets stuck to Cactus for good.  Turns out getting stuck in a hug is a pretty nice place to be.

Why I love this book:

  • I love a book for a cranky kid, because really, who hasn’t been there!  A great lesson that in the end, no one really wants to be alone, so let’s get to the hugs already.
  • The artwork is monochromatic, giving kids a real desert feel.  I love the flower at the end that brings a real pop of color to the graphics as Cactus makes his turn into a guy who would rather not be alone.

Who this book is for:

A fun book for all kids.  Good lessons with some dry humor that make it not too sugary sweet, a plus in my book.  A good book for kids who liked The Bad Seed.

Final thoughts:

Seeing that prickly cactus at the beginning of the book is like looking in a mirror before my coffee.  If you see me, a hug is in order!

To purchase this book:

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