Charming and Funny Picture Book

Today on the blog I have a charming and funny picture book.  Anyone who follows me knows that I love a story that challenges a reader’s assumptions and in this case, both the king and queen assume they got a goat instead of a baby because they mistakenly asked for a kid. When the truth is revealed, readers will giggle that they too bought into the premise!

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Title: Once Upon a Goata charming and funny picture book once upon a goat

Author: Dan Richards

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

What this book is about:

The king and queen of a faraway land wished for a child.  Their fairy godmother grants their wish and gives them a kid, otherwise defined as a baby goat.  Despite the confusion, the king and queen grow to love their kid.  The fun really begins when the fairy godmother returns to check in on the happy couple and well… I don’t want to give away the ending so you have to read the book!

Why I love this book:

  • If you regularly read my blog, you know I love a story with a twist at the end that challenges assumptions.  I love that the king and queen immediately assume it was their error in language that caused a goat to be delivered to their home, and we as the reader assume that too, never questioning that something else may have been going on. That, of course, makes the reveal at the end all the more fun.
  • Colorful and exuberant illustrations by Eric Barclay.  That little goat’s face got me every time and I could see why the king and queen couldn’t part with him.

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of Next to You: A Book of Adorableness and Plankton Is Pushy.  Kids have to like a fun comic twist, now do you know any kids like that?

Final thoughts:

This one would be on constant rotation if my kids were still little.

To purchase this book:

Click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Once Upon a Goat.  A portion of each purchase will go to support this blog at no cost to you.  Thank you for your support.