Bringing Down a President

With the current news about impeachment, I was fascinated to find this book about the Watergate scandal for kids (a big shoutout to Ms. Yingling at for putting it on my radar!)  This newsworthy event may have taken place in 1973, but some of the parallels and language used are eerily familiar as we look at events today.  This book does not compare the two events, but readers will not be immune to the similarities and they will appreciate the understanding of what impeachment actually entails.  Bringing Down a President is a fascinating look at history.

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Title: Bringing Down a Presidentbringing down a President

Authors: Andrea Balis and Elizabeth Levy

Target: Grades 6-8

What this book is about:

This book takes readers through the break-in of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel to the eventual resignation of the President.  Readers get introduced to all the players in this story, from the burglars who orchestrated the crime and the team surrounding President Nixon, to the Special Prosecutors and the Congressional team who investigated both the crime and the cover-up.

Why I love this book:

  • This book was wonderful in terms of shedding light on a time in history that I was not as familiar with.  I was a little kid in 1973, and my history books never got to Watergate because it was so recent.  Since so few Presidents have had impeachment inquiries, it was quite interesting to understand what happened during Watergate and see the similar tactics used by both the President and the Congress in proceeding with the impeachment process today.
  • The format of this book was really innovative in that it used direct quotes throughout.  Readers are treated not to a summary of what was said, but the actual words from primary sources.  The authors then provide context for those quotes.  It was the first time I had seen a book set up that way.
  • My one wish for this book was that it has been told in a little more of a narrative format.  I think kids who are interested in Nixon or impeachment will really enjoy this one, but if you have a kid that you are trying to engage, this book may not create a compelling enough story to suck a reader in.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who are interested in history and/or current events.  A wonderful resource for teachers who are looking to show how primary sources can be used.  Kids who liked Grover Cleveland, Again! will like this one. Probably not as compelling for kids who haven’t expressed interest in the subject.

Final thoughts:

I think this will make an interesting read for adults as well as kids.  If you are a parent who missed Watergate, as I did, you will quite enjoy this book!

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