Books for the Budding Feminist

Today I have books for the budding feminist.  The first is a picture book about Gloria Steinem and the second is a biography of Cecile Richards, the past president of Planned Parenthood.  Both women have championed equality across genders.  They don’t shy away from making trouble and speaking out.  Their courage, I hope, will inspire young girls to find the courage to lead.

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books for the budding feminist gloria steinem

Gloria’s Voice by Aura Lewis

This picture book gives readers a glimpse into the life of Gloria Steinem.  It is a primer, so don’t expect a detailed account of her life, but there are some nice companion pieces in the back of the book that give more information that you can use to supplement the text.  The illustrations are gorgeous and will draw readers right into this biography.  The book definitely leans more towards inspirational.

books for the budding feminist

Make Trouble by Cecile Richards with Lauren Peterson

When I picked it up, I thought this book was a primer for kids to get active in their communities.  I didn’t realize it was a biography of Cecile Richards, the past president of Planned Parenthood and daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards.  The book is a young readers edition of her adult book. I have to admit I loved reading about her life of activism.  I had no idea the work she had done with unions and voter registration.  Her life has been a commitment to grassroots organizing and I admire her courage.  It isn’t easy to knock on doors day after day, and yet she and her family continue to fight for the causes they believe in.  Feminist cannot be a passive word!

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