Basketball Chapter Book for Kids

With March Madness in full swing, I thought I would share a favorite basketball chapter book for kids.  I will be posting more basketball books throughout the next few weeks as your kids get excited about following these NCAA teams.  I just love the Fred Bowen Sport Stories because they incorporate narratives about actual athletes.  It’s a lot easier to tell a kid that missing a basket isn’t the end of the world when you can share an example of a professional athlete who suffered the same fate and still succeeded.

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Title: Hardcourt Comeback (Fred Bowen Sports Stories)hardcourt comeback basketball chapter book for kids

Author: Fred Bowen

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: Yes

What this book is about:
Brett is a natural athlete and basketball comes easily to him. As a starter for his team, he is looking forward to victory in his division. However, when he misses an easy layup and looses the game, his confidence starts to waver. How can he come back from a costly mistake when his faith is shaken?

Why I love this book:
There was a lot to like here. First off, while Brett does get his confidence back, he doesn’t win the championship game. I think that kids start to get cynical about books where the main character suffers a defeat and then comes back and wins it all. That never feels like real life and kids know it. In this case, Brett improves and keeps his team in contention but they don’t have the miracle win and I appreciated that as a reader. It was upbeat and positive while feeling like real life.

The other thing these books do so well is combine actual sports stories in with the narrative. In this case, we learn about mistakes that actual players made in their college careers that cost their teams the championships, but these players go on to have wonderful careers and great success. The stories are referenced during the book, but at the end Bowen has a section called “The Real Story” where he elaborates on what really happened. Great way to reinforce real life lessons that athletes are dealing with every day.

Who this book is for:
Great book for kids who love sports.  If you have a Matt Christopher or Mike Lupica fan this book is a good choice.

Final thoughts:
Well written with plenty of details for committed sports fans.

To purchase this book:
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