An Irresistible Early Reader

Today I have an irresistible early reader.  I was at a book talk recently with a wonderful librarian, Mr. Schu.  He shared his journey with this book. The first time he read he thought, ok.  The second time he read it he thought, it’s getting better.  By the third time he read it he was convinced kids would love it.  I was nodding in knowing agreement the whole time because I took the exact same journey with this story.  It definitely took me a few reads to understand that an emerging reader would crack up at this story and that they would be able to master this book, making them more confident in their abilities.  A win all around.

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Title: Baby Monkey, Private Eyean irresistible early reader baby monkey

Authors: Brian Selznick and David Serlin

Target: Kindergarten-Grade 2

Series: No

What this book is about:

Baby Monkey is an astute private eye. He can solve the case of the lost jewels, the missing pizza, and the stolen spaceship. He searches for clues and takes notes. Putting on his pants proves to be a challenge, but he is up to the task. Being a private eye can be exhausting!

Why I love this book:

  • Brian Selznick brings his gorgeous illustrating style from Hugo Cabret to bear for early readers. The details in each illustration are charming as the office changes decor depending on the case Baby Monkey is working on. The back of the book shares all the decorating details that adults will have a fun time exploring with kids.
  • The repetition of the actions taken by Baby Monkey will have early readers feeling confident with the text by the end of the story. Watching Baby Monkey navigate those pants will ensure giggles while reading.
  • This book is a wonderful combination of early reader/illustrated novel/picture book that can be read aloud or successfully tackled by an emerging reader.

Who this book is for:

The story is great for kids moving to early chapter books. Kids who like silly and who are learning to predict activity in a story will enjoy this one. Fans of Mo Willems will like this book.

Final thoughts:

Baby Monkey completely charmed me over.

To purchase this book:

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