A Fun Read for Tweens

Today I have a fun read for tweens.  It’s another version of Freaky Friday and it shows kids that becoming someone else doesn’t really work to get rid of your problems.

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Title: Better You Than Mea fun read for tweens better you than me

Author: Jessica Brody

Target: Grades 5-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Ruby Rivera is living the dream, staring in her own TV show and landing on the cover of all the teen magazines.  The problem is that Ruby doesn’t really enjoy acting or the false friendships in Hollywood, she would rather curl up with a book.  Skylar Welshman is trying unsuccessfully to fit in at a new middle school and life with her English professor mom.  She would much rather watch the latest Ruby Rivera show and read about the stars.  When a freak occurrence has them switching bodies (think Freaky Friday) they begin to realize that the life they dream about won’t solve all their problems.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, I dare you to find a teen out there who hasn’t fantasized about leading the life of a famous actor.  Let’s take it one step further and say that indeed I dreamed about living the life of Kristy McNichol (do not judge, the ’70s were a unique time).  This book will certainly let them live out that wish and see both the benefits and the drawbacks of a life of fame.  And in this online world, the ramifications of everything in the public eye are significantly pronounced.
  • Readers may feel that Skylar giving up the life of celebrity and money to go back to normal life is a bit of a stretch, especially since she takes to it so well.  But the message is a good one, that kids need to understand what they need to be successful and ask for it.  Simply becoming someone else never solves the underlying issues. 
  • Overall this book is cute and engaging and the perfect beach read.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who would love to be famous and kids who need a fun, light read. Kids who liked the series Chloe by Design should like this one as well as Bounce and The Swap.

Final thoughts:

Without a doubt, this would have been my middle school summer book of choice!

To purchase this book:

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