Giant Animal Book for Kids

Sometimes bigger really is better!  In the case of the book I am profiling today getting these gorgeous illustrations in their super sized iteration is the best thing yet.  Animals is in essence your basic animal identification book, but this rendition is a feast for the eyes and kids will be enchanted by these endearing creatures.  This is truly a giant…

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A Book That Celebrates Women in Science

We want our girls to feel they can be anything they want, including scientists, physicists, microbiologists and geologists.  However, it is important to show them the women who have paved the way before them, who have been inspired  by their career choices, and who have been able to accomplish amazing things.  This book does just that.  It is a book…

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Book for Fashion Obsessed Teens

Are you looking for a holiday book for fashion obsessed teens?  This series is fabulous for young fans of Project Runway.  My daughter loves watching the show and she absolutely fell in love with this book series.  While not a fashionista, she is an artist and I have loved seeing her sketches which were inspired by this book. Don’t forget to Follow…

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New Graphic Novel Series

I always love it when a new graphic novel series comes out, and this one from the author of Zita Space Girl is an adventure filled new addition to the category.  Graphic novels have become a rich environment for storytelling that challenge both traditional readers as well as visual learners.  These are not your parents comic books! Don’t forget to…

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Endearing New Christmas Book

When my kids were little we usually added a new title or two to our Christmas book collection every year.  If I still had someone to read them to, this wonderful endearing new Christmas book would have a prized spot in our holiday book basket.  If you are going to buy a new one this year, I highly recommend this title!…

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Must Have Lego Book

Today I have the must have Lego book for kids who long to build bigger and better creations and for parents who desperately want to see their investment in Legos repurposed for new things after the old sets have fallen apart!  The photos are great and the tips are the ones used by those expert Lego builders who seems to…

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Book for Kids Who Love the Show Nerdy Nummies

I love that publishers have been teaming up with popular YouTubers to create books that enhance their online content.  It is such a win when you can move your kids off the computer and into a book that is inspired by the humor and ideas that got kids excited about the subject on the web.  Today I have a book for kids…

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Gift Book Box Subscriptions for Kids

Well it is time to think about holiday shopping.  You can’t put it off any longer.  But I am here to help with some wonderful gift book box subscriptions for kids.  These subscriptions focus primarily on picture books and YA.  Unfortunately trying to do a box for middle grade readers can be quite difficult given the variety of topic choices in…

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Delicious Advent Calendar

With Christmas heading our way at full steam, I wanted to share a book that is also a delicious Advent calendar!  How great is that?  In our house we have done the Lego Advent calendars, the chocolate Advent calendars and even one year a Polly Pocket Advent calendar!  But for kids who like to bake, especially around the holidays, this offering is…

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Book to Help Girls Accept Themselves

I had forgotten how hard middle school can be.  My daughter who is a lovely, smart, confident kid is struggling in a way I just didn’t expect.  Between the shift in friends and the multiple teachers who no longer know their students inside and out, she is doubting herself in a way she never did before.  The book I am profiling…

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