Halloween Picture Book Classic

It really is hard for me to believe that the book I am profiling today has been around for 17 years.  In hindsight, I did read it to my now high school senior when he was little, so I don’t know why I am so surprised.  Time really is flying by,  This is one of those books that all my…

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Anatomy of a Rotten Pumpkin

What does it say when my favorite Halloween book is called Rotten Pumpkin?  No I am not cynical about the holiday, but who out of the lot of us hasn’t had a pumpkin go a little bad on the front stoop?  This book will answer every question you have (and even some you don’t) about why our Jack O Laterns…

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Nightmares for Halloween

How about a book that has readers confronting their nightmares for Halloween!    Understanding what really scares us can sometimes be the hardest thing of all.  But once we face our fears, those nightmares go away.  Oh, and it is written by the actor Jason Segel, so there are plenty of laughs to keep readers entertained. Don’t forget to follow…

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Early Chapter Book for Halloween

What a treat to have such a delightful early chapter book for Halloween.  Mercy Watson is a wonderful series.  Who can resist a pampered pig who fancies herself a princess for the holiday?  Well, perhaps she is less a princess than a porcine vying for some treats, but all in all the laughs abound in this silly story. Don’t forget…

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Humor and Suspense for Kids

With Halloween looming ahead of us, what better time to give kids some books with a little fright factor!  The book I am profiling today has plenty of humor and suspense for kids so they can get their dose of bone chilling adventure while also howling with laughter. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by…

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Classic Fairytale with a Twist

I love it when books give us a classic fairytale with a twist.  First there was The Three Ninja Pigs, then came Ninja Red Riding Hood and now Hensel and Gretel: Ninja Chicks.  These picture books are colorful, funny and empowering.  You think the poor fox would have learned his lesson by now, but thankfully his ignorance is our gain…

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Archeology for Kids

I’m not going to say the book I am profiling today is for every kid.  But if you have a child who is interested in archeology, one who is fascinated studying Lucy at school or perhaps a child who wants a career in science then this book will give them the inspiration to learn more.  I love a book that…

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When Life Becomes a Video Game

What do you give a kid who only wants to play video games?  Why a book about when life becomes a video game, of course!  The book I am profiling today is a convivial romp through a day where every challenge a middle schooler can face is awarded experience points.  Making it the next level means facing some moments that could…

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Heartfelt Chapter Book for Kids

There are sad books and there are SAD books.  The book I am profiling today is the former and is a heartfelt chapter book for kids.  Kids know life isn’t perfect and that everything doesn’t always turn out ok.   What they want in a book is to know the author understands that reality, but still gives them light, hope and…

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Illustrated Early Chapter Book

I love it when authors use all their tools to get early readers engaged.  Creating an illustrated early chapter book is a nice way to take some of the pressure off the leap up from those simple early reader books.  Illustrated novels are much less intimidating for kids and allow them to use the pictures as a guide in the story.…

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