Only Girl in School

Great Chapter Book for Girls

If you are looking for a great chapter book for girls, your search is over!  This one my daughter read over the summer in just one day.  Good for her, bad for me as I was hoping to have a few more days to discover the next book she would love.  This story plays upon one of my daughter’s worst…

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Next to You

A Must Have Picture Book for Parents

Today I have a book that is a must have picture book for parents.  It is adorable with just the right amount of attitude to make kids and parents coo with delight and laugh at the well placed sarcasm. Don’t forget to Follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email so that you don’t miss a single picture…

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Wildest Race Ever

Olympic Picture Book About the Marathon

With track and field starting, it is time to feature an Olympic picture book that looks at the early days of the marathon.  Kids will be amazed at the crazy way the event unfolded and they will probably be thankful that it doesn’t mirror the marathon today!  Plus, they will get some Olympic history thrown in which will amaze their…

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School's First Day

Back to School Book

There is a new back to school book this year and it is good!  These stories don’t often impress me, but this one is a fresh take on the first day of school and it shakes things up a bit, in the best possible way. Don’t forget to Follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and by email so that you don’t…

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Adventures with Waffles

The Read Aloud Book You Have Been Looking For

We know that reading aloud to kids is one of the predictors of their future reading success, but how hard is it to find the perfect read aloud book? Most parents are terrific at pulling out those picture books. They don’t let the pigeon drive the bus, they say goodnight to that moon over and over again, and don’t get…

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Nanny Piggins

Read Aloud Book for Kids

Now there are good read aloud books, great read aloud books and then there is Nanny Piggins, the best read aloud book for kids.  I really have to put this series in a class by itself.  Nanny Piggins delivers every time with hilarious vignettes that will have kids begging to go to bed early so they can hear more chapters.…

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Giggler Treatement

Laugh Out Loud Book to Read to Kids

I discovered this incredible laugh out loud book when our elementary school librarian read it to my son’s class.  She would stretch it out week after week and the kids would beg for library time just to find out what happened next.  My son said we had to own that book, so of course we do.  He insisted his brother and…

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Be A Perfect Person

Funny Read Aloud to Share with Your Kids

I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this funny read aloud with you!  I pulled this book way out of the archives for my post today.  This one has always been a household favorite.  While the title may not ring any bells, I can guarantee that if you read this book with your family, smiles will be abundant, giggling will…

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Missy Piggle

Read Aloud Is the Cure for Summer Boredom

With the summer coming to an end, now is the time to cure the last days of summer boredom.  Take advantage of the kids being home  and the later bedtimes.  Why not sneak a little learning into the last weeks of summer disguised as family fun?  You know what I’m talking about … reading aloud!  There are so many wonderful…

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2p_THE CROSSOVER jacket.indd

Award Winning Sports Book

I couldn’t post a week of sports books and neglect to include  the 2015 Newbery winner, The Crossover.  It was the first time in a while that a book I really enjoyed won that prestigious award.  While my daughter is a huge fan of  Alexander’s other story, Booked, because it focuses on her passion for soccer, this story is equally as…

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