Getting Through Middle School

I like an illustrated/graphic novel with a female main character focused on getting through middle school.  So many times these books have boys at the helm and it is refreshing to have one where the ladies are at the forefront.  However, just like its male counterparts, this book can be enjoyed by both genders since many of the issues relate to growing up…

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Sports Book About Perseverance

My daughter sprained her ankle three weeks ago and hasn’t been able to play soccer or run cross country.  She is devastated.  She is a pretty positive and hard working kid, but right now it feels like nothing is going right for her.  That is why a sports book about perseverance is so important. The athletes in the book I…

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Early Chapter Book for Emerging Readers

Today I am pulling a really good early chapter book series out of the archives.  This one has delighted me for the last year and this early chapter book for emerging readers is able to get them excited about reading. If you missed it the first time around make sure to put it on your list now, your kids will love it. Don’t forget…

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Picture Books Can Tame the Most Terrible Dragon

Books are incredibly powerful things and today I have proof that picture books can tame the most terrible dragon.  No kingdom should be held hostage to a bully, not when there are tales of brave dragons and wicked knights to keep them entertained.  This wonderful picture book will show kids that even especially terrible dragons are manageable. Don’t forget to…

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A Book Your Kids Will Eat Up

I recommended this book about two years ago and it remains as clever as ever.  In the interest of full disclosure it is about cannibalism, but to be fair, no family members were harmed in the reading of this book.  This is a book your kids will eat up! Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by…

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Book for Kids Dealing with Divorced Families

Ok, this book was a little bit of a bait and switch for me.  I thought I was getting a story about cooking, but it turned out I got this wonderful narrative about a sensitive girl who is just trying to manage life, friends, growing up and parents who are divorced.  Now she does use cooking to help her manage…

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Escape Into a Great Early Reader

If you read my blog regularly, you know how militant I am about getting great early readers into the hands of kids.  I have been a Cybils early reader judge for two years because I think this is such an important time to hook these kids in to books.  If they love to read when they are young, their skills develop…

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Spies and Adventure for Kids

Today I am revisiting a series that if full of spies and adventure for kids.  This is a series that will have a new book coming out in October, Spy Ski School, and even though my son is a little old  for these books, he will devour it anyway.  A good book is a good book! Don’t forget to Follow…

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Discover Really Cool Animals

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that non fiction can’t be fun.  If they are spouting these unflattering comments, then they have not read the book I am profiling today.  Kids will discover really cool animals!  Great photos, interesting facts and amusing tidbits come together to make this book a page turner.  The best part – you may have just…

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Funny Books for Kids

I like funny books for kids and I especially like funny books that get pulled off the shelf over and over again by my son that aren’t Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Don’t get me wrong … I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I just like to see my son with something different in his hands from time to…

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